National Building Code Sample Questions 1 for BPSC Assistant Architect

land use classification

1)  National Building Code mainly contains of :

a) development control rules

b) general building requirements 

c) fire safety requirements

d) all of above

2)  National Building Code consists of :

a) design element

b) design principles 

c) sustainable design

d) none of  the above

3) Tera Firma means :

a) sea land

b) sand land

c) firm land

d) air land

4)  How many land use category are there in level 1 :

a) 9

b) 10

c) 8

d) 7

5) Which color represents residential occupancy in masterplan as per national building code ? 

a) yellow

b) red

c) purple

d) indigo

6) In how many categories residential land use is categorized :

a) 2 zones

b) 5 zones

c) 5 sector

d) 5 uses permit

7) Which color represents commercial land use in masterplan as per national building code ? 

a) red

b) purple

c) blue

d) yellow

8) Select the commercial zone category :

a) godown

b) service and light industry

c) semi government offices

d) public offices

9) Weekly market falls under which category of land use :

a) industry

b) commercial

c) residential

d) public 

10) Which color and pattern represents mixed use land in masterplan as per national building code ? 

a) light yellow background with vertical hatching

b) light green background with polka dots

c) light yellow background with zig zag

d) pink background with straight lines

11) In how many category public and semi public land use is divided :

a) 6

b) 3

c) 5

d) 7

12) Which color represents public and semi-public land use in masterplan as per national building code ? 

a) dark blue

b) purple

c) yellow

d) green

13) Which color represents industry land use in masterplan as per national building code ? 

a) dark blue

b) purple

c) yellow

d) green

14) In which category we can put all three zones, industrial use zone, residential use zone, commercial use zone  ?

a) public and semi public

b) recreational 

c) mixed use

d) primary activity

15) Multi open spaces is denoted by which color ?

a) light green

b) light red

c) light blue

d) light yellow

16) Sports complex comes under which land use category ?

a) recreational

b) mixed use

c) commercial

d) public and semi public

17) MTRS is part of which land use classification ?

a) primary activity

b) commercial

c) transportation and communication

d) mixed use

18) Which is not part of transportation and communication land use ?


b) seaports


d) police headquarters

19) Medical and health can be identified as ?

a) PS-5

b) M-3

c) R-2

d) C-6

20) Which two land use have the same color but different pattern ?

a) residential and mixed use

b) recreational and mixed use

c) industrial and public & semi public

d) recreational and residential

21) Roads come under land use classification of transportation and communication which is represented by brown color on master plan, so which color is suggested to use to represent roads ?

a) brown

b) grey

c) black

d) white

22) Primary Activity is symbolized as ?

a) PA

b) A

c) PS

d) P

23) On development level how many land use are there ?

a) 43

b) 33

c) 10

d) 12

24) On perspective level , how many land use classifications are there ?

a) 10

b) 43

c) 12

d) 33

25) E represents ?

a) protective and undevelopable land use

b) special area

c) primary activity

d) educational and research

answer key :-

1) d

2) c

3) c

4) b

5) a

6) a

7) a

8) a

9) b

10) a

11) a

12) a

13) b

14) c

15) a

16) a

17) c

18) d

19) a

20) a

21) b

22) b

23) a

24) a

25) a

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