Visual Composition Sample Questions BPSC Assistant Architect

1) What is 2D ?

a) lack of illusion of depth

b) more than 2 axis

c) a three dimensional drawing on two dimensional plane

d) length , width and depth

2) Which of these are created as 3D ?

a) zoning

b) plan

c) elevation

d) massing

3) to indicate or represent by drawn or painted lines, to clearly show or describe (something) ? 

a) digital

b) discordance

c) dimensions

d) delineation

4) measure in one direction ?

a) digital

b) discordance

c) dimensions

d) delineation

5)  drawing or painting of parallel lines as converging in order to give the illusion of depth and distance ?

a) painting

b) perspective

c) perception

d) sketching

6) Infinity triangle is a ?

a) 3d solid triangle

b) a triangle

c) 2d art

d) optical illusion

7) The priniciple of anamorphisism and anamorphics is that

a) use of 3d plane is most important

b) it cannot be done on 2d plane

c) the position of the viewer will not affect the visual composition

d) the position of the viewer is extremely important

8)  composition is ?

a) judgement

b) interpretation

c) audience context

d) designer’s intent

9) haptic is ?

a) taste

b) touch

c) see

d) smell

10) What is viewer context made up of ?

a) culture

b) environment

c) psychology

d) all of the above

11) Which is not a design element ?

a) color

b) direction

c) dimension

d) unity

12) Cloud Gate is designed by ?

a) Sanjay Suri

b) Anish Kapoor

c) Hafeez Contractor

d) Raj Rewal

13) Who designed patio of light ?

a) Ghery

b) Wright

c) Gaudi

d) Hadid

14) Which is not additive primary color ?

a) orange

b) red

c) blue

d) green

15) The shape of apple’s headquarter is ?

a) triangle

b) ring

c) square

d) octagon

1) a

2) d

3) d

4) c

5) b

6) d

7) d

8) d

9) b

10) d

11) d

12) b

13) c

14) a

15) b

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